What to Do When Mold Is Found in Your Commercial Building


What to Do When Mold Is Found in Your Commercial Building

Do you suspect that your commercial building has mold growth? When the conditions are environmentally suitable, mold can grow almost everywhere. It grows best in areas that are warm, dark and damp, like toilets, kitchens, and basements. Mold can begin growing in as little as 24 hours, so do not wait to take action for removal. Mold growth in your commercial building can lead back to legal and ethical liabilities for your company.

Identify the Cause

Mold removal services needed for customer in NJWhat causes mold growth can differ, and may not consistently be clear to an untrained professionals in the business. Nonetheless, you can do a walk-through of your building to seek out potential sources which can lead back to where the mold growth started. It might be due to a flooding or plumbing problem from thunderstorms or small undetected leaks around the building. Look around the facility any type of standing water in different parts of your building, and see when you can spot any places that are clearly leaking water. Make sure to take pictures and document these sources before reaching out to a professional for help. Occasionally, leaky pipes might be hidden in walls and floors, so do what you can to temporarily put a stop to the leak so that your mold remediation professionals have an idea of where to begin to identify the areas of mold development.

Call the Professionals / Experts

Mold removal is a touchy process, and requires a certified team like Dryfast Property Restoration to resolve your mold issues, especially if the area has potential to cause health hazards to occupants. The areas contaminated with mold must be totally isolated in the remainder of your building since mold spores can travel through the air easily. Everything in the region that is contaminated with mold must be handled carefully, whether that means disposing of it or cleaning it. Our mold remediation team possesses the best equipment and staff to get the job done so your mold issue will not come back. Moreover, allowing your facility team to remove the mold can be hazardous and litigious if symptoms come up – so it’s better to leave the cleanup to our team of professionals. Feel free to contact us for a free estimate at 800-718-8122.



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