Breaking Down the Process of Water Removal


Breaking Down the Process of Water Removal

Removing water from your home in the aftermath of a flood or a plumbing related issue is important because it will stop extensive property damage. This will also prevent any mold from growing and spreading throughout your home. Water damage restoration companies serving NJ can help you remove water from your property and get things back to normal again. Here is the process they will follow when performing water removal.

1) Assessing Water Damage in NJ

Before any water damage repairs in NJ are started by a restoration company, they are going to walk through your home and take a look at the damage that was done. This will help them map out which items are worth saving and which should be discarded. They will also create a plan for restoring your home as quickly as possible. If any immediate repairs need to be done to your plumbing or drainage systems, they will also work to have those repairs completed right away.

2) Removal Of Water in NJ

Once your restoration company has a plan in place, they will start extracting water from your home. The water that is pooling on top of your flooring most likely has worked it’s way into the carpeting, which they will use special equipment to remove as much as water before the drying process. They will also dispose of items like wet insulation and ceiling tiles that can’t be preserved during the restoration procedure.

3) Repairing Water Damage and Rebuilding in NJ

After all of the water has been removed, your restoration company will start to put your home back together again. They will check your home for mold and if necessary, complete mold cleanup. They will remove your personal possessions from your home so they do not get affected. They will also dehumidify your home and make sure that it’s safe for you to re-enter it before turning your keys back over to you. It is going to look and feel just like it did before it sustained water damage.

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