Busting: The Myths About Mold


Busting: The Myths About Mold

Are you looking for mold removal and remediation in NJ? Mold is naturally found in damp areas; however, it can be harmful to humans when it grows indoors and is contained within that space. That is why you shouldn’t hesitate to contact a professional for mold testing and mold cleanup in your house. Read on to learn some facts about mold that will help you better understand the myths about it.

Fact: Mold Can Grow in Dry Environments

A lot of people think that mold can only grow where moisture is present. Even though mold does need a wet environment so that it can initially start growing, but it has the capability to continue growing in environments that are dry. It achieves this by pulling moisture from the air. Professional mold cleanup services in NJ use specific equipment to artificially lower the humidity of the encompassing air.

Fact: Bleach Does Not Kill Mold

Homeowners often douse mold with bleach products considering that it’s the ultimate mold removal tool, but it doesn’t eliminate the cause of mold, it just masks the appearance. Bleach simply helps hide the mold problem temporarily while the spores continue to spread and grow throughout the room. These are the reason’s why mold generally appears to come back with a vengeance after it’s been removed with bleach — the chemical has only dissolved the color compounds in its membrane but cannot eliminate the growth, plus it protects itself by growing a membrane that is more powerful and generating enzymes that cause health problems. These enzymes are very resilient and use the bleach as an agent to further switch it’s growth to become quicker and more powerful.

Fact: Not All Professional Cleaners Can Properly Deal with Mold

A lot of homeowners call on companies to professional clean their mold issues but majority of these companies do not hold the certifications or insurance requirements to perform the work. Although you’d believe that any mold cleaning service could take good care of removing the mold out of your home, this isn’t entirely true. Mold removal in NJ should be performed by licensed professionals who comply with IICRC standards for indoor mold remediation. This just means that they’re trained on containing the mold within a specific area of the home, using the correct equipment for removal, utilizing air scrubbers to help filtrate the air and are up to date on their removal practices and therefore are properly experienced to ensure that the mold will not return again.

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