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Commercial Services


Disaster Recovery Services for Commercial Businesses

– Building Mitigation and Recovery
– Water Extraction and Pump Outs
– Structural Drying
– Humidity Control
– Moisture Monitoring and Drying Verification
– Mold Inspection and Remediation
– HVAC and Air System Inspections and Cleaning
– Demolition and Debris Removal
– Carpet Extraction and Cleaning
– Content Pack Outs
– Odor Control and Deodorization
– Biohazard and Trauma Scene Clean Up
– Property and Building Repair and Reconstruction

Dryfast Restoration provides a complete range of repair and reconstruction services to return your business to pre-loss condition quickly. Our experienced staff can handle the entire process for you, from appraisals and engineering to completed reconstruction. We prepare complete damage appraisals with accurate restoration estimates, and work directly with insurance agents and adjustors to make sure claims run efficiently, saving you time and money.


Dehumidification of minor water damage or drying after a major catastrophe

Regardless of whether your problem is a small water leak or a major flood, the time factor is an important common denominator. The sooner drying measures are put into place, the greater the chance of minimising the extent of the damage and shortening the drying time. Major costs can be avoided if the drying process is started quickly and in an effective way.

Dehumidification after fires

In the case of fire, it is of the utmost importance to start the dehumidification process immediately. Corrosive smoke deposits, which are often formed in a fire, together with the high air humidity from fire fighting, have very negative effects on all types of metal surfaces and electronics. In such cases, it is necessary to ensure that the relative humidity is lowered as quickly as possible, and then it is important to have large quantities of warm, dry air with a high air throughput in the space to be dried. If there is a risk of damage to machinery or other sensitive equipment, it can be advantageous to use the plastic enclosure method in order to lower the relative humidity Rh% even faster.

Desiccant Dehumidifier Outside Placement


Desiccant Dehumidifier Outside Placement 2


Desiccant Dehumidifier Inside Placement


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Business Continuity Is Vital In A Hospital Where The Product Is Life And Death

A regional health care facility suffered a main water break affecting the entire cardiology department and trauma center. DryFast expertise was called in as time was of an essence.

• Hospital main operations rooms affected by water damage.
• Drywall affected by water damage
• Emergency Facility shut down due to water damage.
• Hospital Cardiac equipment affected by water damage

DryFast Emergency Response:
• A certified healthcare emergency response unit was dispatched within half an hour to site.
• Emergency extraction and air quality stabilization completed in 6 hours.
• Trauma center reopened in 12 hours.
• Entire cardiology department reopened in 24 hours.
• Air quality clearance provided by industrial hygienist.
• Coordination with hospital management to abide by state emergency guidelines.

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Multi-Unit Commercial Property

A Multi-Unit facility suffered a major fire affecting all 16 units. DryFast’s expertise in single source solution of mitigation and reconstruction brought 16 families back home.

Damages: Fire, Smoke, Soot and Water Damage
A fire that began in one unit of the apartment complex quickly spread to other units engulfing the building in flames. All 16 units of the building suffered extensive structural damage from fire, smoke and soot. The massive amount of water that was needed to extinguish the fire caused additional structural damage to the walls, ceilings and floors, affecting both levels of the complex. In total, the damages resulting from fire, water, smoke and soot, were in excess of $1,000,000.

The Solution: Fire and Water Damage Restoration by Dryfast Restoration
When it comes to fire and water damage restoration, time is of the essence. Dryfast quickly mobilized its Rapid Response Team to stabilize the site and began the restoration of some of the affected units, as well as the demolition and reconstruction of the areas that were too damaged to be restored. Our services included:

• Site stabilization
• Providing water cleanup and dehumidification services
• Contents pack in and pack out
• Contents cleaning and restoration
• Building reconstruction and restoration services
• Structural demolition to damaged sections of the complex
• Structural cleaning services to remove smoke and soot residue







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DryFast Is Industry Certified

For Commercial Services

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